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Location & History

Our school is located in Hikone, a city on the east side of Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan. It flourished as the castle town of the Hikone Clan in the Edo period, and the school building stands within the moat of historic Hikone Castle, whose scenic beauty changes splendidly in accordance with the four seasons. The school can trace its roots back to the practice hall founded as the clan school of the Hikone Clan in 1799. Since then, the “Soul of the Red Ogre,” a pioneering spirit originating from the Akazonae ( red arms ) of the Hikone Clan, has been passed down and helped us excel in various fields such as academics, politics, economics, administration, and education to this very day.

School Life

Currently, each grade consists of 8 classes of roughly 40 students in the classes.   Most students hope to go on to college and make their dreams come true.
In addition, 95 % of students join club activities and make their best efforts in both academics and sports. Many sports and culture clubs compete in the Kinki regional and national competitions every year.

Education Policy

1.To perfect an educational system where highly motivated students can learn and work to achieve their dreams.
2.To establish a curriculum based on ethical behavior as well as scholarship.
3.To direct our interest to each of our students, valuing independence and creativity, and provide education promoting our students’ growth.


Our school has been designated as Super Science High School ( SSH ) by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT ) since 2004, and we have been conducting research with the cooperation of specialized agencies such as universities.

( written by the members of the English Learning Club〈 ELC 〉)

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